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Clowntime Comics
The weekly cartoon by Shawn Belschwender. Appears in The Hartford Advocate, The Valley Advocate, The New Haven Advocate, and The Fairfield Weekly.

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A Personal Vietnam
#CC157 – The perils of pillow talk.

Discomfort Level
#CC158 – What a couple of New Romantics reach.

A Simple Kind of Man
#CC159 – Refrigerator Johnny declines to privilege 100% Anton's truth.

Dr. Foldedover- pillowlove
#CC160 – Strange games and funky things in Opie's Imaginarium.

Hearing Impaired
#CC161 – Suffering from auditory discrimination problems.

#CC162 – Prism & Geo versus The A.R.T. Lover, and other Acro-Nemeses.

Daddy Pornbucks
#CC163 – The Goob's spiritual foster child demands his porno patrimony.

The Wizard of Bodge
#CC164 – Life-lessons gleaned from the Great and Almighty Goob.

The Sensitive & The Perceptive
#CC165 – A Clowntime soap opera.

Elephant Boy
#CC166 – The thing that should not be.

Two Birds With One Stone
#CC167 – Disappointment multi-tasking.

Der Gemütlichkeit
#CC168 – Conviviality, German-style.

The Magical Throw-Up Hoodie
#CC169 – Its possessor can't help throwing his wish away.

Technicolor Dream Coat
#CC170 – The power of positive non-thinking.

Laughing At The Ground
#CC171 – Refrigerator Johnny's post-binge revenge plots.

In Too Much Too Soon
#CC172 – If Johnny wants too many things, it's because he's a human being.

Everybody's Darling
#CC173 – Refrigerator Johnny descends into the velvet underground.

Peruvian Flake
#CC174 – A rocky mountain low, courtesy of pandering Pat O'Clabber.

Drug Mule
#CC175 – Crossing borders to bring you kicks.

#CC176 – A half pint of donkey jism helps the agitprop go down...or does it?

Harlequin Romance
#CC177 – To be posted.

The Human Spirit
#CC178 – To be posted.

Bird Brained
#CC179 – To be posted.

The Bomb at the End of the Mind
#CC180 – Terrorizing yourself.

Everybody Hurts
#CC181 – To be posted.

Love Bug
#CC182 – Refrigerator Johnny catches it.

The Butterfly Rejectors
#CC183 – To be posted.

The Butterfly Effect
#CC184 – To be posted.

Plato's Retreat
#CC185 – Thinking is Greek to Johnny.

The Chronic
#CC186 – Giddy kiddies.

Mystery Man
#CC187 – Some guys just have it.

Chicks With Dicks
#CC188 – Playing hard to get.

Swamp Thing
#CC189 – Getting mushy.

Cop Rock
#CC190 – You have the right to resist!

Funny Boned
#CC191 – The Kings of Coitus.

The Unembarrassables
#CC192 – Super Friends.

#CC193 – Not-so ready-to-wear.
Haberdasher For Humanity
#CC194 – "The Look" is Life!
The Shadow of the Torturer
#CC195 – Taking it out on the world.

Brother in the Wind
#CC196 – Having a very metal moment.

Human Touch
#CC197 – Putting the finger on you.
Male Fraud
#CC198 – It's a federal offense.
Fluff Girl
#CC199 –It's like she was made for him.

Pillow Talk
#CC200 – When you're talking to yourself, and nobody's home – alone.

No Thanks, I Gestate
#CC201 – 100% Anton's confinement.
Belly Busters
#CC202 – The joke's on the unborn.

My Ectopic Romance
#CC203 – Misplaced affections.

Sad Sack
#CC204 – Don't put too much in it.

Panic In Needle Park
#CC205 – Pillow fright.
#CC206 – Groundlingin'.
All Things Considered
#CC207 –Dispatches from the abyss.

#CC208 – Digging in.